16 Oz. Plantastic Reusable Self-Watering Plant System – Keeps Planted watered for 10 Days

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Watering is crucial to plant health and doing it right, especially with orchids makes all the difference. But what happens when you are on vacation? What if you are gone for a spell and your prized plants don’t get your watchful attention? How many times have we heard stories of the well intentioned caretaker who wiped out a collection? Plenty!

Enter Plantastic! This easy to use reusable and amazingly effective little tool does the work while you are away and does it perfectly. Water flow is governed by a small disk which evenly modulates the release of moisture to the potted plant from the 16 oz reservoir. It can keep your plant watered for 2 weeks or more, and the flow disks can be flipped or doubled up to reduce flow further if you prefer to provide a bit less water to certain plants.

It won’t clog from tap water impurities, doesn’t require funny looking milk jugs, wine bottles, mason jars or soft drink bottles. It can be hidden in the foliage of most houseplants, allows you to leave your plants right where they always are, and many people use them for regular watering too!

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