100% Compostable Biodegradable Black Mailers (15″ x 10″)

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I’m a 100% Compostable Mailer that breaks down in any home or commercial compost in 3-4 months time. I’m made of corn and i’ll transform into fertilizers completely with no harmful residue. (Yes, not even micro-plastic remains). Use me as a trash bag for your food scrap or garden wastes and throw me in the compost!

I’m 0% Plastic and 100% Awesomeness (Or… Corn!). Unlike Plastic Poly Mailers ,ill disappear into the ground within 15-18 months in landfills even if you don’t compost me. Come on, no one lasts forever.

Suitable for Documents, Clothes, Gifts, Shoes, Accessories, Books and etc. We made it EXTRA THICK, DURABLE, STRETCHY & WATERPROOF to distribute weight evenly, prevent tear and weather through shipping in all climates.

Together we can take small steps towards a creating a better future to preserve our planet for generations to come.

– Reduce your carbon footprint with our 100% compostable mailing bags. Help solve the global crisis of plastic pollution.

Each Mailer Weighs Only 0.7oz. Total Height Of Mailer Is 17in, This Includes a 2in Flap pFor Closure.

-Made with Plant Materials and BPAT, these mailers will break down into Carbon Dioxide, Water, and fertilizer.

-Unlike its plastic mailer counterpart, these mailers are flexible (slight stretch) so they are more durable.

-They are waterproof, stick-able, write-able, and re-usable.

-Can Be industrial and home composted. Breaking down in about 90-180 days.

– These bags measure 15″ x 10″ and are self-seal

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