“It’s a Girl” Towel Treat Cake Pop – 8″ Pink Washcloth
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“It’s a Girl” Towel Treat Cake Pop – 8″ Pink Washcloth
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Dollar Store Merchandise and Wholesale At Prices You Can’t Beat

H&J Closeouts offer a wide range of dollar store merchandise and convenience store distributors that can fill any business. These dollar store items aren’t just for dollar store shop owners, since small items are known to produce extra revenue for any kind of business, especially when they are strategically placed either online or in a physical store. Think of the last time you found yourself in a checkout line. There is a reason why store owners pack the shelves around the checkout area often these are items that people will buy on impulse when they go to check out. That’s why buying dollar store wholesale can increase the profitable for business.

Buying Wholesale Dollar Store Wholesale Below Wholesale Prices

At H & J Closeouts, we have thousands of products specifically for this purpose. Whether you are looking for pens, key chains, stickers, notepads, jewelry, calculators or anything, we have all of the items that you need for your business, event, or fundraiser.  Due to our large selection of dollar store wholesale , you can order everything that you need from H & J Closeouts to supply dollar store merchandise for your dollar store, drop shipping, retail store, or other business operations to distribute and sell merchandise.

We have been in business for 30 years, and throughout our experience, we have developed unique business strategies that maximize profits for you, our customers. Unlike other wholesalers, we allow our customers to purchase items by the case rather than by the pallet. This allows you to offer a wider range of merchandise while saving yourself the risk of not selling larger quantities items you would get with pallets deals.