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Wholesale Pens at Prices You Can’t Beat Plus Free Shipping On All Orders

Pens are one of the best items for wholesalers to stock up on. Wholesale pens are one of the items that are always in demand from customers, especially when you are able to offer the necessary supplies at amazing prices that can’t be found elsewhere. From novelty pens, to pens that you can find in every office we have all the wholesale pens you can think of.

At most retailers, pens can be expensive, but our wholesale pens are dirty cheap. This offers a unique opportunity for wholesalers to supply all of the pens that a business might need, which allows them to turn a profit year-round. We have a wide variety of pens that you can purchase for all of your customers, whether they need themed pens for holidays or basic pens for various business locations.

Pens At Wholesale Prices

We run business differently than most closeout companies, since we allow both retails and consumers buy from us.  This allows you to purchase simply what you need, and nothing more. This is perfect for dropshippers, or distributors for small retail chains because there is virtually no wasted product. This means that there is no excess stock at the end of a season if you are able to purchase just the small amount of product that you need. This means more money in your pocket, and less money wasting away in your warehouse.

Buying Cheap Pens In Bulk For The Office

We don’t only sell to wholesale/retail clients, anyone can buy from us. If you own an office that is looking to cut cost our wholesale pens and wholesale office supplies can help your company save money and time. We make the process easy and simple. We even thought in free shipping, so you don’t have to worry about an increase total at the end of the cart.

If you need pens for your customers or office, look no further than H & J Closeouts. We have the 30 years of industry experience necessary to provide you with quality products at prices that you won’t believe.

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